Loan and Debt, Your Life in the Hands of Banks

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Is borrowing coming into debt? A friend asked me – “Is it bad to make loans and debt? Borrowing was harmful, and if I took out my power when I incurred debts? I have spoken here in Professor Moriarty on both sides of this coin, how much to take a loan can be healthy for a person and how much to acquire debts helps a citizen in his patrimonial life and control of expenses, if both are well used, of course!


It is obvious that almost everything in our lives there is the good side and the dark side, we ourselves conduct our decisions, and when these decisions are not correct, the penalty comes on horseback and the fall can be very ugly. Borrow money and offer debt to people is the fuel that makes the financial system move without credit, without loan, without debt and without trade to generate proceeds with debts, what would happen to the world.

Lenders need to cash in on money lending , interest payments on financial transactions, fees and charges, and all sorts of credit-generating services and products to become debt in your pocket, have you ever thought what it would be like his life without credit, without having made some debt, without having made financing.

Nowadays the banking, financial and government sectors in the economy sector are struggling and forcing the bar to increase the buying and purchasing power of citizens, are trying to maximize our gains – by increasing income for borrowers – by lowering interest rates and for debtors – renegotiating their debts, however, nothing is free, somehow “when we win, we lose” here in Brazil – the Americans say, “when we lose, we win.” In the Brazilian economy, see the example: remember the fantastic and historic reduction of interest, legal, we even get some exchange with low interest, but we will leave much more with the increase in the collection of banking and related services fees, fight of the banks, my package has increased $ 10 reais, the exchange looks good, only to one side, I have no doubts, you have. Portato, beware of the bank and the type of operation you will do, not always an open door and invitation to enter.


Loan and debt

Loan and debt


When you use personal loan, mortgage loan, real estate loan or any form of money borrowed in a conscientious, planned and responsible manner, certainly the fruits of this action will be satisfactory, this debt will certainly improve your assets life and help contain other debts unnecessary and superfluous, even though it is a debt.

“Loan and debt are only bad when it brings financial distress to the citizen, when it takes away the quiet, when it resembles the purchasing power and subexistence, when it attracts collectors to its door and its telephone does not stop to ring, when the box of the mail is clogged with notices and notices from Serasa and SPC that your name will be entered in ten days if the debt is not paid when sleep can not get to you because you are thinking about will resolve the situation and when your credit is destroyed for debts greater than his gains “

If you need a loan , credit, financing or have to incur debt, do it, make more aware that they are debts and will have to pay them, do know the real need to make the debt, know how much will be paid and how much will compromise your financial life.

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